About us:
We are wild and wonderful florists who embrace all of nature’s imperfections. We are very lucky in our job as we have access to some of Perthshire’s best woodlands which enables us to make large and seasonal displays. Our style offers a contemporary and fresh approach to floristry with a well balanced loose and informal feel.

As well as florists we are flower farmers. You will often find us tending to our flowers in our walled garden and polly-tunnel. We grown purposefully for our clients. Our flowers are much more fragrant than imported flowers, they also tend to have much more interesting shapes and fluidity. This is what complements our displays and installations.

Flowers from the Farm:
We work very close with these hard working farmers to bring the best of British grown flowers to your event. Using us means you are supporting Scottish flower farming and keeping it local.

Our bees:
We do so much for our bee population here in the Ochils. We host a beekeeper who has number of hives in the surrounding fields near our walled garden. We also try and grow purposefully for the bees to keep their summers as long as possible. The humming sound in the summer is our idea of heaven!